by prodotype

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written and produced by me, no samples used.


damn, can't stay for the whole thing up late
role play I think
time is the enemy
I can lie and hide behind a skin disease
hi I'm a friend to be
future is original
prodotype initial
something different in itself
dividing time and apply the fix for sickle cell
synasthesia, sendin signals to seed ya
silhouette feeds off the internet, bleed out
any experience we've stated it's serious
the affairs we're hearing this, through ears that are delirious
I cross the planet by folding this dimension through the next
I can't stand this paradigm of text
we talk in images the language is limitless
I wanted different, so I just stopped fittin in
I breathe music and I think in impulse
fuck the tempo, throw it out the window
I said it I meant it its infinite
sitting in my head like a synonym
anything goes I'm feelin it
like a Ridalin dosed infant
and I'm still in the mindset of stealin it
til the hole in the cieling is sealed and it
won't leak rain on my head when I'm passed out
tryin to forget that I still exist

take what you need til you're satisfied
you got nothing but yourself and your pride
I swear to something if you let yourself die
while you're still asking why
well I guess it doesn't matter anyways

oh, I guess something comes after that
I was hoping there would be nothing in the aftermath
Let's face back to back, draw our swords and shoot
And show that no one knows a single word of truth
what to believe of what we hear
and if seeing is believing then can I really believe in fear?
I'm smashing the proverbial concrete
break it down to it's atomic structure
and the song beats
and the music goes on
feel like it's all that I ever knew
and nothing is wrong
can't feel myself occupied with things of the past
it's always been right now
and nothing lasts


released May 4, 2011



all rights reserved


prodotype Atlanta, Georgia

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